CIF Projects

Wainwrights provide a range of expertise, support and advice to Academies to successfully submit DfE Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) applications, through to the delivery of a project.

Wainwrights has an outstanding track record in supporting Academies with CIF applications with millions of pounds secured for our clients. We have an in-depth experience of applications for eligible funding that include condition, condition with expansion, and expansion due to overcrowding.

We appreciate how difficult and time-consuming the CIF application can be for Academies and Business Managers. Therefore, Wainwrights work with Academies to ensure clear and focused evidence is provided, with consideration for all options detailed costings a rigorous plans in place.

  1. Clear and focused approach: Making it easy for the assessor to understand why the project is a priority.
  2. Independent support: Expert technical advice with good quality reporting, photographic evidence, planning approval.
  3. Well considered options: With an open mind showing the tangible differences in the options appraisal.
  4. Detailed costings: A clear and detailed specification of work.
  5. Rigorous planning: A clear and detailed delivery plan, how, when and by whom the project will be delivered.

We will guide the Academy through the funding process to submit a comprehensive application that follows the guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our CIF application support is provided at no cost, on the basis that Wainwrights are retained as consultants to design and manage the project, should the bid be successful.

If you wish to discuss your CIF project with one of Wainwrights advisors please complete the form below.

Wainwrights CIF Bid Support

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